Saturday, March 29, 2014

An Introduction

Welcome to my brand new research blog!  I decided to try writing a research blog after a recent discussion with another graduate student here at Michigan State University, Katy Meyers, author of the hugely successful Bones Don't Lie blog.  She makes a very convincing case that research blogging is a nice way to stay caught up on the literature in your field (so important and so difficult to do!), and can even be seen as a form of publication.  I think it appeals to me as well because I feel passionate in general about conveying the importance and excitement of recent research findings to the general public in a way that is accessible.

On a personal level, I also hope to find a source of motivation here. For all its difficulties, I love being involved in the slow (often frustratingly so) march forward that is scientific progress.  I think it's really important to find perspective from time to time, to keep from being too bogged down by the minutiae that can sometimes dominate the experience of science.  I find it really motivational to take the time to look at the recent progress that has been made by other researchers, and to reflect on what others have accomplished.  I think when we see how interconnected all of our progress is, that each of us are able to do more as we collectively push open the door into the realm of the possible a little bit farther, that it can be invigorating and lead to even more new progress.  It is in this spirit of hope that  I will now begin my research blogging, so welcome and enjoy!

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